About Us

SmartLabel® Working For You.

SmartLabel® was created by the Trading Partner Alliance (TPA). The TPA exists to develop a shared retailer-manufacturer agenda on supply chain efficiency issues, the application of information technology, the adoption of environmentally-friendly business practices and other issues of importance to consumers.

Consumers want an increasing amount of information about their food, beverage, household and personal care products – and SmartLabel® meets that need. SmartLabel® extends beyond what’s on the package label with even more information. It includes things such as nutritional information, ingredients, allergens, third-party certifications, social compliance programs, usage instructions, advisories & safe handling instructions, company/brand information, along with other pertinent information about the product.

Each product participating in SmartLabel® has a specific landing page containing detailed information on ingredients and other product attributes, and the landing pages are organized in a consistent format and appearance across different brands and products.